Monday, July 13, 2009

Love on the East Coast

We just got back from an amazing week on the East Coast. It was a little pre-wedding vacation, and something we both needed. We decided to do this little vacation back in March, when I bought the airline tickets for Ben's birthday, so we could go see a Met's game in their new stadium. Then for my Birthday, he got me tickets to a Broadway play. About a week before we left, I was wondering if I had made the wrong decision, being so close to our wedding.

Except for not being able to stick to our wedding diet and workout plan, this was the perfect escape before our wedding day! We had time to really focus on US, to focus on how much we love being together, and why we really want to get married. When you're planning for a wedding, it is sometimes easy to get wrapped up in all the crazy things that need to get done and not focus on the reasons why you decided to get married in the first place. (Like how much you enjoy doing things together and spend all your time together doing some fun, some not so fun things (seating charts & thank you notes).

Our week on the East Coast started with a flight to Philadelphia where we stayed in a perfect location, in a beautiful hotel (thank you priceline). We saw a Mets vs. Phillies game on July Fourth, and then walked down Benjamin Franklin Parkway where we saw Sheryl Crow in concert, and then fireworks! We'd also been to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and many more of the Philly sights. It was an awesome day!

We spent 2 days in Philadelphia and then took the Bolt Bus (best way to travel and cheap too) to New York! We had 5 days in New York City and loved *almost* every minute of it. I could have done without all the blisters on my feet. But that's what happens when you try and walk a minimum of 5 miles a day in cute shoes. We had a great time doing all the touristy things like the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Times Square, Central Park, etc. We also got to do some things not everyone has the opportunity to.

Cousin Matt is an intern for MTV this summer in New York, working on the "It's On Live with Alexa Chung" show. Matt showed us around the MTV offices and studio the day we were seeing Chicago on Broadway. The following day he invited us to be audience members on the show. We were able to see Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, and tattoo star Kat Von D. We had so much fun, even though I think we were about 10 years older than most of the other audience members.

By the time we left NYC we were subway pros and had walked most of Manhattan. We didn't do a whole lot of wedding talk, except for the count day to the wedding day.... 24 days, 23 days, 22 days! When we got back we had 20 days until our wedding day!

We hit the ground running and haven't stopped yet. There is so much to do before we say "I do"; You might ask, "Do we regret taking a week vacation so close to the wedding?" Not a chance, our little break to focus on US was exactly what everyone should do before their wedding.

Only 18 days to go!!

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Tracy-Girl said...

Amazing!! I totally know what you mean about getting wrapped up in wedding stuff and forgetting the main reason you are getting married in the first place. That has been my one goal through this entire thing - don't lose sight of the reason we are celebrating! So excited for your wedding! YAY!
PS. Are you guys going to be able to make it to ours? I understand if you have a honeymoon to attend to... pretty important! :)