Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Starting the Year Off Right!

After being a little (or a lot) under the weather at the end of 2009, it may have looked like I let myself go after getting married. Having MONO, and feeling crappy for over a month, did not help my workout schedule. I ate my 3 meals a day, laying on the couch, with the most exercise being, getting up to go to the bathroom.

Ben and I are off to a great start during the new year! I have managed to make it to my twice a week 5:45am bootcamp, and my Sat. morning bootcamp. On top of that, I'm also going to a specialized fitness class on Thursday nights.

And like I do, every winter, I am dancing with Faith and Mojalet Dance Collective, for the Cafe Mojalet Show.

Ben has also been diligent about his evening P90X workouts.

It feels great to be getting back in shape. We're eating healthy, and taking care of our bodies. But I am exhausted!!! I can't wait for my body to get used to this schedule!

For those of you who haven't found that motivation yet...don't let time pass you by. Get up off that couch and do something for yourself. It may be hard initially, but you'll always feel so much better at the end of a difficult workout!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009....A year of Beginnings!

2009 was quite a year to remember. It was a year filled with celebrations and fun! Here are some of the highlights of our fabulous year!

Krista & James get Engaged
Technically they were engaged in 2008, but were in Hawaii at the time. They came back in 2009, where Krista flashed a beaming smile and a big sparkly rock! The engaged couple are deep in the planning stages of their summer 2010 destination wedding! I can't wait for a week on the beach!

Bachelorette Party #1
An awesome cruise to Mexico with my favorite girls. I was incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful bridal party and mother who was willing to spend their entire weekend aboard a ship with me! It was the perfect girls get-away! I'm hoping for a repeat soon!

Engagement Photos
We absolutely loved our photographers. They took some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. Many of the photos were candid shots, but they seemed to capture the moment perfectly.

Bridal Shower Fun!
My generous Zehnder Aunt's put on a beautiful bridal shower for me in late May! My friends and I took in a little wine tasting the day before, and the day of the shower was fantastic! I was blessed with so many wonderful gifts and was so excited my new sisters and mother-in-law were able to be there as well!

Bachelorette Party #2
After having so much fun on the cruise, my girlfriends decided we needed to do it again. So they set up a fun evening riding the bull at Double Deuce in San Diego. I have to brag that I did stay on the bull the longest!

Trip to New York & Philadelphia
We took a little break from the wedding madness and visited New York & Philly! We saw 2 Met's games, 1 in the new Citi Field. We saw our first Broadway musical together, and took in all the touristy things along the way.

Bachelorette Party #3: Girls Night Out
I had so much family in town for the wedding, what else would we have done with our time, than another Bachelorette Party? We went out for Happy Hour drinks and appetizers, and then bowling! I loved that even the grandmothers came out for some fun!

Our Wedding Day!
The most memorable and heartfelt day of my life up to this point. Our wedding was so much better than I could have ever imagined! I am thrilled to be spending the rest of my life with such and amazing man!

Moving in to a New House!
We graduated from my little condo to a sweet 3 bedroom house in Rancho Bernardo. The dogs love the big back yard, and I love all our new space! The kitchen is huge and there is nothing like having a garage to store all the wedding gifts!!

Our First Christmas Together!
When I say first, I really do mean first. Every year before this, we've split up for Christmas to spend time with our families. We missed a few things, but were exposed to some new things as well. It was my first Christmas I've ever missed with the Zehnder's but my first to spend at the Conroy's. It was an excellent Christmas, with lots of great gifts I might add.

Overall, 2009 was a fantastic year! I'm sad that it's over......but so excited for the things to come!