Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Starting the Year Off Right!

After being a little (or a lot) under the weather at the end of 2009, it may have looked like I let myself go after getting married. Having MONO, and feeling crappy for over a month, did not help my workout schedule. I ate my 3 meals a day, laying on the couch, with the most exercise being, getting up to go to the bathroom.

Ben and I are off to a great start during the new year! I have managed to make it to my twice a week 5:45am bootcamp, and my Sat. morning bootcamp. On top of that, I'm also going to a specialized fitness class on Thursday nights.

And like I do, every winter, I am dancing with Faith and Mojalet Dance Collective, for the Cafe Mojalet Show.

Ben has also been diligent about his evening P90X workouts.

It feels great to be getting back in shape. We're eating healthy, and taking care of our bodies. But I am exhausted!!! I can't wait for my body to get used to this schedule!

For those of you who haven't found that motivation yet...don't let time pass you by. Get up off that couch and do something for yourself. It may be hard initially, but you'll always feel so much better at the end of a difficult workout!


KenJo said...

Hi Anna!

I am Jocelyn, from Malaysia. I happen to stumble upon your blog when surfing the net and wow I love your personality!

Congrats on your wedding and you are so lucky to have found such a wonderful husband :)

anna said...

thank you!!

Kelly said...

love that you are working out so much, but remember to be good to yourself and your body!