Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Did They Know.......

I dropped Ben off at the train station this morning, for his short ride to San Francisco to meet up with his buddies for his Mustache Themed Bachelor party. He's been growing out his facial hair for the last few weeks. He kept his goat, but just let it get bushy...eewww. It didn't look great, but I could live with it.

Yesterday before we left for Elk Grove, Ben shaved the goat and left the mustache. I haven't stopped laughing since. He looks creepy. I don't just mean creepy, but more like "cross to the other side of the street when you see him coming your way" creepy.

Kind of ironic that they guys planned the bachelor party for San Francisco, funny that they will all be sporting mustaches, but absolutely hilarious that it just happens to fall on gay PRIDE weekend.

I know he'll have a great time with his friends, and can't wait for him to get rid of that stache!

Us girls have known about the theme of his bachelor party for quite a while, and took full advantage of it on my bachelorette cruise. We had some fun with our staches, but kept them a secret until now. This morning before I dropped Ben off, I put a pic of us girls in our mustaches, in a frame and stuck it in his bag, which he found when he was on the train to S.F.

A tribute to our men, and their momentary (and hopefully never again) mustaches!!

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