Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

I was lucky enough this year to spend Father's Day with my Dad and Grandpa this year. My family has been at a beach house and stayed over one more night so that we could all go to brunch together before they left town. Not only was I so happy to celebrate this day with my dad, but fun to look back at all the remarkable things he has done for us girls over the years.

My dad is an amazing man! He is generous and kind. He has a gift for not letting things get him down. He rarely gets mad, and doesn't say much about the choices we make. But, when he does say something, you know he's thought about it, and it always carries a lot of weight.

My dad was a born athlete and has always enjoyed sports. Although he ended up with 3 girls, I'd have to say we are all pretty tough because of him. "Walk if off" are his famous words......and sometimes you heard them, even when you were bleeding or your foot was facing the wrong direction. Lauren was the only one who played team sports, but my dad never missed a gymnastics meet, diving competition, or dance show of mine. He has always been there to support me in whatever I've done, not to mention the hours of videotaping he would do, so that we would have memories to look back on.

Not only is my dad a strong athlete, but a handy man at that. He can fix just about anything and does a good job building things too. Being in my own place, hours away from my dad, I tend to let things pile up, but he always finds time to come down and fix things for me.

My dad has made sure I've been able to do everything I want to do (of course mom was right in there too). I went away to college, and he was there at my diving competitions and dance shows. He was there for me to talk to about my first years teaching. He was there to help me sort out my feelings about past relationships. He has been there to teach me about life.

Thank you dad! You're the best!

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