Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heading out of the Mess

We did it. We've survived our first couple of weeks together in "our condo". I'm not quite sure where everything went......oh wait. Right now everything we couldn't sell is in the garage, and everything we want to keep but couldn't quite get to is in the guest room. It is piled up, almost to the ceiling. It's not just the combination of "our" stuff, but also all the new things we've gotten from bridal showers and early wedding gifts. Not to mention, most of it is still at my parents.Things are looking up though. We get to "unload" some of our stuff this weekend at my parents, hopefully freeing up some space. We will also be dropping off the pups, Lola at my parents, and DUI and Deuce at Ben's parents houses until after the wedding. We will be leaving for New York next Friday, and will be returning to NorCal just a week before the wedding. This will be the longest we've gone without the pups since we got DUI. I'm going to really miss them, but it will be a perfect chance to really focus on "US" before saying our vows.

Here's a couple of my favorite pictures of our special pups.

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Kristen Sara said...

What awesome photos! Your pups are all so cute!!