Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Bridal Shower Ever!!

I've gotten so behind in blogging with all this wedding and moving stuff, but I have to tell you about my bridal shower.

My Zehnder Aunts organized a perfect bridal shower. I'm not much for games, but we did one game, organized by Danelle, where Ben had pre-recorded answers to questions on DVD. Then at the shower, I was asked the same questions to see how well I knew him. I was sitting there, kind of nervous. "How much do I really know about him?" I knew more than I thought I would. I hesitated on all the same questions he hesitated on, and I knew more than one of his smart ass answers.

The shower favors and decorations were absolutely adorable. My Aunt Kathy painted little pots in the colors of my wedding, with "Anna + Ben 8-1-09" on them. They are so cute, I'm trying to find a way to incorporate them into other wedding things.

There were so many people at my bridal shower. My new sister-in-laws and their girls, all of my family, and my some of my friends who could make the trip from SoCal. I had so many gifts, I didn't know if the present opening was ever going to end. The only complaint I had, was that I didn't have a chance to really talk to everyone at the shower. There were so many people and not enough time.

Thank you everyone for the beautiful bridal shower!

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