Friday, June 19, 2009

Up, Up, and Away

This Wednesday was definitely a day to remember!

My mom bid on a hot air balloon ride package at an auction a while back, but had totally forgotten to use it. The family is down in Oceanside, (San Diego Area), at a beach house for the week, and she thought it would be a perfect place to use it. My dad has a huge fear of heights, along with Krista's fiance, and mine. It would take a lot for our guys to take us, so lucky for us, my mom asked us to go with her!

We left the boys at home and headed off a couple hours before sunset to the meeting spot of the balloon company. We parked in a Del Mar shopping center and waited for our pick-up to take us to the launch site. At 5:15 a van with a trailer attached pulled up, carrying with it, the hot air balloon and basket.

Once we got to the launch site, Krista started to get a little nervous. They laid out the balloon on the ground, and started fans to inflate it. The basket was attached but on its side. It all happened pretty fast. The pilot called 2 couples over and they climbed in while the basket was still on its side. A moment later the basket was right-side-up and he yelled for us to climb in.

In a matter of seconds we were 400 feet in the air. The ride was incredibly smooth. You wouldn't know you were so high in the air, in just a wicker basket. We flew in the air up to 7000 feet, over Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was an amazing experience. They served champagne throughout the ride, and although it was so fun to be with my mom and sister, it would have been very romantic to be with my fiance.

If you ever have the chance, this is something you should do. It was unbelievable and somewhat surreal to be that high. Overall, it was a perfect day!!

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Tracy-Girl said...

I love how your pictures turned out! The image of it in the cloud is awesome. I did it over Napa a few years back! It is such a memorable thing... and so beautiful. I bet the ocean made it smell good too :)