Friday, July 24, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

It's not officially Thursday anymore, but I haven't gone to bed yet, so I'm still going to claim it is. My cousin Tracy has started blogging each week for a thing called Thankful Thursdays. I've been following it, and think it would be fun. So here's ten random things I'm thankful for today.

10. Sleepytime tea to help me sleep, when I've got tons of wedding stuff on the brain.

9. My awesome mugs I got, as a shower gift, from a family that I will soon be a part of. *They fit 2 cups of tea, and they're one of my favorite colors (Green).

8. Packing for our honeymoon in our new luggage set from my awesome Zehnder Aunts & Uncles.

7. The fabulous ring Ben proposed with, and the amazing jeweler who he had design it. I just got my ring dipped and it looks like it's brand new.

6. My fiance, who may not understand all the wedding stuff, and had a freak out moment about it all, but wants to make sure that I have the wedding that I've always dreamed of.

5. A future mother-in-law, who has been supportive, understanding, and compassionate, in some tough times recently.

4. My little sister for planning a fun night out with family, and soon-to-be family, the week before the wedding. She's far away and doesn't always get to be a part of everything, but I know how much she cares.

3. My incredible friends/sisters who are the best bridesmaids anyone could ask for. They are there for anything I need, whether it be to brag about wedding stuff, or cry about wedding fears.

2. My mom, who has been extraordinarily helpful through all this wedding stuff. From favor boxes, to seating arrangements & place cards, to wedding venue plans, and appointments for tanning, pedicures, and such! She's done more than I could ever begin to thank her for.

1. We are so close to the wedding day! I can't wait to say "I DO" and then celebrate our love with friends and family.

It's great to remind yourself and others to be thankful for the things in their lives. I hope you've enjoyed mine and think about starting a Thankful Thursday of your own!

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Tracy-Girl said...

Love it!! You have so much to be thankful for... so excited for your big day, Anna!!