Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!

If you hadn't guessed it already, we love dogs! We need another dog, like we need a hole in the head. Lola is my baby, and has been for the last 6, almost 7 years. She has gone everywhere with me. She's my dog. Ben has had Deuce for 4 years. He's a big teddy bear, but he's Ben's baby.

Then we got suckered into OUR baby, DUI. He was going to be put down if we didn't take him. He'd been at the Vet for almost 2 months when Ben went in for Deuce's annual check-up. The breeder who brought him in said to put him down or take him. Although DUI was so cute, the Vet had gotten to the point that they could no longer keep him, since they had yet to find him a home.

DUI is not your average dog. When we got him, he couldn't stand up. He has a neurological disorder that affects his coordination, depth perception, and also gives him the shakes. He got his name DUI, because when he moves around he looks like he's drunk. He is a sweet dog, but definitely a lot of work. He still runs into things, can't climb stairs, and hits his head more often that we would like, but he's is so much better than we could have asked for.

We've had DUI for over a year now, and love him to death. We went to New York, and have been without our dogs for almost 2 weeks now and miss them terribly. We saw dogs everywhere, and super cute ones at that.

We love smooshy faced dogs, and have been admiring bulldogs for a while now. Always saying that down the road, when we have less pups we might like to get one. I about died when Ben said today, "We should get a bulldog....I mean, we already have 3 dogs, what's one more?"

My response was, "Of course we can, when we have a huge yard and somewhere for all of these dogs to run around."

We can't get another dog, as much as I love them, we would have to be insane.......although they are sooooo cute!


Scott and Jamie said...

Anna! Congrats with getting engaged, good luck with all of the wedding plans. A little stressful I'm sure, but have fun! Keep in touch!
~Jamie (Pace) Thompson

Linda Z. said...

If you get another dog, I'm disowning you!!