Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding Accessories!

Ben convinced me to go ahead a be a little bit of a diva on our wedding day. I was looking for the perfect wedding shoe for a long time. When I say perfect, I mean absolutely comfortable and cute as well. I found a cute & comfortable pair of Nina shoes, in silver, I thought would go with my dress. I loved the Nina brand shoes, because they are padded at the ball of the foot, and comfy as heels can be to wear. As it turns out, silver ended up clashing with the color of my dress. My dress is white, but made of silk, which means it's not that stark, florescent white, but a softer white. Silver just doesn't look good with it. I was super bummed (and of course I bought them so long ago, I can't take them back).

I searched online and finally found a perfect pair of shoes for my wedding day. They are also by Nina and are white satin, which all the reviews say are a perfect match for white silk dresses. I knew I had to have them.......unfortunately not one website (and I have searched more than I care to name) has them. They have them in almost every size except for mine. I put in to be notified when they have them in stock. Even the manufacturer didn't have them in my size at that time.

My dress fitting was 3 days away, and I was required to have a pair of shoes so they could do my final hem on the dress. I hadn't heard back about the white Nina's so I did a little more searching on the website, with Ben looking over my shoulder. I came across this blue pair of shoes, and he said, "Those are sweet!!" I'd previously thought about getting blue shoes as my "something blue", like my best friend Nicole did on her wedding day 2 years ago. She had the most adorable baby blue peep toe shoes, peeking out from under her white dress.

I told Ben I kind of had my heart set on the white ones I'd found. But he convinced me to get them. I got them just in time for my dress fitting, and they are perfect! I received lots of compliments at the bridal salon about my cute shoes! I've decided to wear the Nina Vasek (white shoes) for the ceremony, and then change into my fun Nina Fleur (blue shoes) for the reception.

I think I'm turning into a little bit of a diva bride.....but I'm blaming this one on Ben!

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