Friday, September 4, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

I'm a little late, but to be fair, I was at school and then sitting in a car for 8 hours (most of which I was driving) for my Thursday.

Here are the things I am thankful for on this belated Thursday.

*My wonderful HUSBAND (still a little weird to say it) who can be such a turd, but I love him to death. He was not looking forward to our long drive, just a month after we did the last one.

*My new family the Gravenkamps who act as though I've been a part of the family forever.

*My new S-I-L Andrea and her family who are willing to dog sit our crazy pups for the weekend.

*My grandma & grandpa for watching Lola this weekend while I'm busy doing fun things.

*Being able to go to a wedding, and not worry about a thing. I had so much fun at my wedding, but there was so much going on and I didn't want to miss a thing.

*Tracy's wedding! Weddings are so fun and I don't have to spend all day getting ready! :)

*Seeing my family after only a month without them.

*Going wedding dress shopping with my little sister and all the important women in her life!

*That our wedding might officially be legal this week. Had a little mishap, but got it cleared up.

*Krista & James' engagement party on Sunday!

* Having a day off work! This is going to be a long school year!

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Kelly said...

looking forward to seeing lots of pictures from your wedding! It was a beautiful day, you were an amazing bride and I know what you mean about it being a lot of work!!!