Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

We've been incredibly busy these last couple of weeks, and thankfully so. I've been anxiously awaiting our wedding photos and they are finally beginning to be posted. I've got a lot to be thankful for this week.... and here's the list!
*My awesome dad, who had a Birthday, and turned 58 on Monday! He's an incredibly Dad and I feel super lucky to have him so much a part of my life!

*My job. Even though I am annoyed like you wouldn't believe (my students this year are crazy), I have a job that pays the bills. I also am lucky enough to be at a school that offers extra opportunities to get paid. Working a Saturday morning for "Saturday Scholars" is an easy way to make a little extra money!

*Taking fun classes at the community college, like pilates, screen printing, and dance......and then being able to count them towards moving over on the pay scale! I'm moving up this month, and I couldn't have needed it more!

*Amazing wedding gifts. I love cooking more than I ever have before. Incredible pots & pans, knives, and my favorite.......the rice cooker! Ben loves it too.

*My husband who always does the dishes when I cook dinner. If I cook, I don't have to clean! Totally loving this deal right now!

*Cooler weather! I'm finally getting through a night in our condo without sweating my butt off!

*Personalized thank you cards! They've arrived, look great, and we've written tons. (If you haven't gotten yours's on its way. So many to write, so little time.)

*FINALLY getting rid of our sofas (the second set). They have been taking up space in our extra bedroom and garage and we had a buyer take them away today!

*Wedding photos from the photographers!!! They've just started posting them. Already have 313 of them posted and we aren't even to the ceremony yet! Go check them out at here at Anika London!

*It's Thursday! Which means tomorrow is Friday and our last day of work this week! I also get to see my Uncle Wayne & Aunt Kathy this weekend when I take Sara & Nick to LAX for their Maui getaway and friend's wedding.

Stay tuned for more wedding blogs as the photos start coming in from the photographer! So many great photos, and wonderful memories to go along with each of them!

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