Saturday, September 26, 2009

Boudoir Photography

For one of my wedding gifts to Ben, I had boudoir photographs done. I'd heard of this company on a morning radio show I listen to on my way to work. They are called the Boudoir Divas, and are all women photographers, shooting women's boudoir. (I don't think there is such a thing as men's boudoir......that would be a little weird. Although Ben keeps joking he's going to do some for me.)

My photographer was Crystal. She was amazing. When I booked, I talked with their Client Concierge and she gave me the scoop on everything I might need for the shoot. She also sent an email with all sorts of tips and tricks for better photos.

I was to bring in 3 outfits to be photographed in, and choose 3 different types of backgrounds from the ones they offer.

My first outfit was my Mets jersey, paired with bright orange boyshort, undies that say "Property of Coach Gravenkamp" on the booty. I loved this outfit, and many of my best pictured are from these. The second was a racy, black lace, thong.

And the third was a gift from Sara and Nicole, and something I'd seen at Victoria's Secret, loved, and almost bought myself. What can I say? My friends know what I like! It was an adorable navy & cream, pinstripe bra and matching skirted thong w/garter. For this one I wore red high heels. It was very pin-up girl (something Ben really likes) *He keeps saying he wants another tattoo, and this one being an old-time pin-up girl.......and I keep saying NO!

I was really nervous the week leading up to the shoot. I watched what I ate, exfoliated, moisturized, and tried to look my very best. Sara offered to come with me, and help with my hair, and although we both thought it might be a little weird to see me half-naked, I was happy to have her there.

The day of the shoot, I went to the salon for Sara to do my hair, and then we rode over to the studio together. As I walked up the stairs to the studio, they had a cute little sign saying "Welcome Anna", and I was greeted the moment I walked in the door. We were taken into a little consultation room, where we talked about the shoot, and had a glass of champagne, before making our way to the studio.

We started in the first outfit, which was a little more coverage than the other 2. Within minutes I was perfectly comfortable. My photographer Crystal was talking to me so normally I could have been dressed in a ski jacket! She was great, and never said, "look sexy", or anything else that would have sounded cheesy.

She gave me easy tips on how take a picture without smiling (and not look mad or confused). I always smile in pictures and at first it was hard not to, but then started to happen a little easier. By the end of the shoot, I was loving it!

My favorite photo ended up being one in a traditional pin-up girl pose, with my pin-up girl outfit. Sara had added a few pin-curls to my hair in between outfit changes. Little did we know, that would inspire my wedding day hair style!

For any woman about to get married, this is a perfect gift for your soon-to-be husband. It also is kind of empowering. These photos highlight all of your best assets, and make you look incredible. Why not capture that in something fun, a little sexy, and a great reminder of how hot you really are!

No photos this time! Those are just for my husband!

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That is the BEST present! I bet they are beautiful!