Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Easy Morning

My Wedding Day was almost entirely stress-free! I woke up early after getting a pretty good night's sleep. I was the last to get my hair and makeup done, so I had plenty of time to relax and take some pics of my favorite girls getting ready!My best friend Sara is an amazing hair stylist and did my hair for the wedding, as well as all my bridesmaids and her own. I sat back and had some tea and toast, watching everyone getting beautified.My mom, sisters and I had our make-up done by Shana Beals. She's an awesome makeup artist who has done many of my cousin's makeup for their wedding day and came highly recommended. She did not disappoint!My Dad stayed out of the way of the women and hardly noticed I was talking to him he was so sucked into the game!I lazily got into the shower and had my makeup done, then we were off to the Stockton Hilton to meet up with our photographers and finish getting ready in our room. I loved that the morning was completely stress-free. We were out of the house on time and didn't feel the least bit rushed.
A perfect start to our perfect day!

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