Friday, August 21, 2009

Back To Blogging!

It has been a crazy few weeks! I had the most amazing wedding ever, followed by a wonderfully relaxing honeymoon, and then we hit the ground running, when we came back to work after missing in service and the first two days of school.

I will be back to blogging regularly now. The wedding was an incredible event and I'll blog about it in pieces, as not to overwhelm you with everything at once! Honeymoon to follow after that!

Weddings are great! Just a couple more weeks to another Zehnder wedding, when cousin Tracy marries Tim! So happy for them!

Here's a pic from the wedding, and I'll add more as I blog about the special day!

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Tracy-Girl said...

It was STUNNING! You were so beautiful, Anna! I still need to do a post about your wedding on my blog! Love you and Ben... his toast to you was so sweet!