Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm One Lucky Girl

I've known from the day I met Ben, that he was a great guy. But the last few days has been a great reminder.

I have been super tired, busy, and incredibly stressed out....and no it doesn't have much to do with the wedding stuff. That is one area we have under control. I've decided to take classes to bump myself up a level on the pay scale, including 2 online, and 3 dance classes at a local college. On top of that I am rehearsing to perform in a show this month, and choreographing for the school's spring musical, and planning the huge dance show I put on every year.

I started feeling sick on Monday, and was really bad by Tuesday night. I was coughing like crazy and was just going to head to my house to avoid keeping Ben up all night by staying at his place. On my way out of class he called and told me to come over to his place so he could take care of me.

Every few hours, I would wake up, coughing like crazy. Instead of letting me fend for myself, he got up out of bed every time, to get me whatever I needed, hot tea, water, medicine, cough drops. For the last week, he's made sure I had whatever sounded good for lunch, dinner, etc. while I sat on the couch being sick.

It's now Saturday....and I'm still sick! Ben was asked yesterday to go on a free trip to Vegas for the weekend. Most guys would jump at the chance. Ben, came to me and said, "The guys asked me to go to Vegas with them this weekend, but I know you aren't feeling well. I'll stay home and take care of you."

Needless to say....I'm not that needy.....and I told him I thought he should go.
He's in Vegas now, and I miss him! I'm also slightly bummed that I'm going to have to get out of bed and get myself something for dinner.

I'm such a baby!

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Nell said...

How sweet! He's definitely a keeper!