Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Holidays

I absolutely love the holidays. So filled with tradition, and family. I haven't lived in the same town as my family for almost 10 years now. I miss them dearly, everyday. But the holidays are the time of year that I get to see them for more than a few days, at a time.

This year, we were able to go to Snowbird, Utah for our Thanksgiving vacation. This was the first year we were missing someone...Lauren, who couldn't make it. And although we missed her, there are so many memories that come back to me, when we stay there. My parents have had this time share for 30 years, and in that time, have created so many memorable experiences for us. The beautiful glass windows of our 2 story room, overlooking the mountain. You can see the lifts right from our room. The sun shines in through the windows in the morning, and the balcony is usually covered in delicate white snow.

Some of my fond memories include skiing with my family during the day, finding little bits of powder to ski through along the sides of the slopes, and maybe even a little jump or two. I also remember watching the Thanksgiving day parade on TV in front of the fire, Thanksgiving morning in our long johns, before heading out to the lifts. Dressing up, in our Thanksgiving best for a "fancy" dinner at the Cliff lodge. Enjoying a dinner around the fire, with family, usually soup and grilled cheese. And best of all, swimming in the pool (which is hot as a hot tub) while it snows down around you. The view from the pool, is extraordinary! The trees filled with fluffy, white snow, and the mountain rising up around you.

This year, as with one other (in all the years we've gone) did not really go as planned. We didn't have a whole lot of snow, and I came down sick after only a couple of days. Although we would have liked to do a little more skiing, I can't complain too much. I was in a beautiful place, filled with happy memories, and a family I love! I can't wait to share these same, and many more memories when we start a family of our own.......don't get too excited, that will be some time down the road.

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My sentiments exactly!!