Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wedding Plans

It's been 4 months since our engagement.....a pretty exciting 4 months. We flew into the wedding planning and within a couple of weeks, we'd booked our ceremony and reception site, caterer, florist, photographer, videographer, DJ, and baker. We started on our honeymoon, vows, officiant, and invitation details. Then we hit a wall....

School started, after school rehearsals started, and our wedding planning died.

Hawaii caught us a little off guard. We had an amazing time, and fit in a ton of activities within 5 days. We had one of our most challenging, yet rewarding adventures together. We hiked 4000 steel steps ups the side of a mountain, after traveling (Ben running, and me hanging on to his backpack for dear life) in the dark for over a mile and a half. We reached the top in a little over 3 hours. I was terrified, running through wilderness before the sun came up, but Ben was fearless (or at least he acted that way). Climbing those steps required us to encourage each other, time after time, when we could barely breath, and were scared our shaking legs may not hold us up. We bonded a little more that morning, watching the sun come up over Oahu, and staring down the side of the mountain at how far we had come. Our trip was awesome, but it left us exhausted and eager for another, more relaxing, vacation.

Not 2 weeks later, we were back on a plane and headed for Snowbird, Utah. A week with the family, skiing and snowboarding, was definitely fun....but not all that relaxing.

We have the Holidays coming up, Christmas gifts to buy, family to visit, and if I don't get some more wedding plans done......I am looking at a seriously stressful January.

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