Saturday, October 15, 2011

We're Going to Try This Again

I thought I would give blogging a try, but like I said before, being a mommy isn't easy. There are a million things I should be doing on any given day, but the only thing I want to do, is play with my little guy.
My little man, that isn't really that little anymore. He is still small, but getting smarter & doing more everyday. Finn's a little shrimp of a guy at only 17lbs and 28inches tall. We've been taking him back in to the doctor for monthly weight checks, but this kid refuses to grow. He eats like a pig, and is normal in every sense of the word. My thought is, that he just moves too much, and eats too healthy.

Finn's favorite snack is frozen peas & corn. He's been eating them since he started on solids, and he loves them frozen, I think because it feels good on his teething gums. The little guys eats a balanced diet of fruits, veggies, lean meats, and potatoes and rice. And still, he does not grow. I don't mind, as long as the doctor says he's healthy. I think it's adorable to see this sweet small boy of mine running around, just like I was at his age (I was only 15lbs).

Just a few fun facts about Finn:
*Finn has been on an airplane more than 5 times
*Finn has been on vacations to Solvang, Santa Barbara, Yreka, Seattle, Disneyland, Sacramento, & Palm Springs
*Finn says "bye bye", "Momma", "Dada", "Baby", & "Dog"
*Finn no longer crawls, but walks everywhere
*Finn likes to skype with family
*Finn loves to swim & likes playing at the beach
*Finn loves to give kisses
*Finn is the sweetest baby on earth (I'm biased of course)

So......I'm going to give this a try again. Hopefully it will last more than just 1 post. It's amazing how the world changes when baby bedtime is 7pm!

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