Monday, April 6, 2009


Maybe Ben is right.....have I taken on too much?

If my blog is any indication, you can see I've been incredibly busy and have not blogged in over a month. I am so blessed with all the wonderful things in my life, but it's possible I have taken on one too many things this year. I just finished choreographing and co-directing our spring musical (which sold out the little theater at the California Center for the Arts), which was a huge undertaking.

I am now getting ready to put on our Spring Dance Concert, which is bigger than you could ever imagine. I have over 100 dancers performing in over 23 dances. Not only am I the Director, but choreographer, costume designer, producer, publicity director, show shirt screen printer (yes, I took a class so I could do it all), and back-stage manager. This isn't your usual high school dance concert. We perform on a professional stage (same as Alvin Ailey Company when they come to town), and have had an audience of almost 1500 patrons. We now have a retirement community taking a trip to see our show. This year's show is going to be bigger and better than before.

This weekend I'll be heading out of town...for an amazing weekend with the girls. We are going on my bachelorette cruise to Mexico and I can't wait. It will be a nice escape from all this dance show stuff!

There is so little time left in this school year, it's scary. I have a bridal shower in Elk Grove in May. (I just got the invite and they are absolutely adorable....Aunt Chelle and the girls did a great job!) When school ends, Ben will go right in to teaching summer school and near the end of June I'll have another bridal shower, this time in SD. We will only have one week left during June to come in to town to do wedding stuff.

The first week in July we are going to New York for a week. It is going to be fantastic. For Ben's Birthday, I surprised him with airline tickets to the East Coast, and tickets to see the Met's (Ben's team) play the Phillies on the Fourth of July, and then we take the train over to New York to see the Met's play the Dodgers (We saw Met's play at Dodger Stadium on our third date) in the new Met's stadium. For my Birthday, Ben got us tickets to a Broadway play, and a gift certificate for me to take a couple dance classes at the Alvin Ailey Dance studio. The crazy thing is that we arrive back in San Diego, with only three weeks before the wedding.'s official. I'm insane....but at least I'm organized and I think I've got it all under control.
But we'll see come August 1st!

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Tracy-Girl said...

you guys are going to have so much fun in NYC. Tim and I just got back. You are crazy, girl, with all your dance performances, but you will come out on top! Have fun on your cruise this weekend! Can't wait to see pictures!